Amsterdam, 15 November 2022 – Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in Digital X-Ray Image Sensing technology, is pleased to announce it has acquired the Sigmascreening B.V. patents and IP portfolio on pressure-sensitive breast compression for screening. With its purchase, Teledyne DALSA has exclusive access to the Sigmascreening IP portfolio and algorithms. Holland Capital was one of the early investors in Sigmascreening.

Unique combination

The unique combination of detector and pressure-sensitive compression is expected to create new possibilities for immediate diagnostic information as well as biomarkers for breast screening. According to Thorsten Achterkirchen, Vice President and General Manager of Teledyne DALSA’s X-Ray Solutions business, “We intend to expand our CMOS X-Ray detector product line for mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) with new subsystem products for optimizing breast imaging and improving patient comfort during mammographic screening.”

Ivo Aarninkhof, CEO of Sigmascreening, says that ‘’We are delighted with the purchase of the Sigmascreening patents and IP portfolio by Teledyne DALSA. Use of the pressure-based compression during digital breast tomosynthesis and mammography improves participant and technologist experience and reduces compression pressure variability, mean breast thickness, and glandular dose.”1

Expertise in radiology

Holland Capital joined the company in 2014 as an early investor. The investment has been used for product development and commercial growth in recent years. Holland Capital is experienced in supporting innovative radiology solutions. This is the investor’s second exit in the field of medical imaging, following the acquisition of Quantib, a leading radiology artificial intelligence (“AI”) company, by RadNet Inc earlier this year.

Jan-Frens van Giessel, Partner Holland Capital : “We are proud that we have been able to assist Sigmascreening in the past 8 years. Sigmascreening’s pressure sensitive breast compression reduces extreme pain during mammography and improves detection of breast cancer. It is great to see that this important healthcare innovation will become available for women worldwide with the acquisition of Teledyne DALSA.”

About Teledyne DALSA

Teledyne DALSA provides state-of-the-art image sensing, capture and processing solutions to medical, dental, and scientific equipment manufacturers. Building on more than 30 years of proven capability and innovation, our highly skilled team of imaging specialists adds value with their continued focus on leading-edge product design. Our manufacturing processes are tailored to comply with the stringent quality, reliability, and traceability requirements of the medical and scientific X-ray community.

About Sigmascreening

Sigmascreening B.V. is a medical device company focusing on the development of new innovative products in the area of digital mammography and breast cancer screening. Sigmascreening was established as a spin-off company from the Amsterdam UMC.

About Holland Capital

Over the past 40 years, Holland Capital has responsibly and successfully invested in over more than 150 SME-companies. With a clear investment strategy Holland Capital is active in the attractive growth markets of Healthcare and Technology. Holland Capital’s experienced and committed investment team understand entrepreneurship. They aim to establish an open, sustainable, and professional relationship with the companies they invest in, with the common goal of achieving growth. Holland Capital is backed by a broad network of successful Healthcare and Technology entrepreneurs.

1 quote is based on this scientific article:

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