New investment for Prolira for roll-out of EEG-based brain state monitor for the hospital market

New investment for Prolira for roll-out of EEG-based brain state monitor for the hospital market

Utrecht, 26 January 2022 – Holland Capital invests, together with Borski fund, ROM Utrecht Region, Health Innovations and Oost NL, in Prolira BV, the Dutch scale up that helps hospital departments improve patient care in the field of acute encephalopathy and delirium. The investment will be used for the commercial roll-out in the Netherlands, Germany and UK as well as expansion into the US-market.

Revolutionary medical device
Prolira’s DeltaScan® brain state monitor is a revolutionary CE marked medical device (FDA-approval pending) that objectively monitors the brain state of patients, using breakthrough EEG technology and smart AI algorithms. With DeltaScan®, nurses or doctors can assess their patient’s brain for serious signs of illness (acute encephalopathy and delirium) within minutes, and consequently they can help their patients recover earlier and better. Until now this was difficult to determine objectively and as a result the majority of cases of brain failure was not detected at all, or too late. Monitoring the brain state of patients is as important as monitoring other vital organs like the heart or the lungs. “The brain is our central organ, and it provides an essential vital sign about the condition of the patient. Every year, as many as 20 million hospital patients are at risk of acute brain failure in the US and Europe. This large group of patients is in need of the care improvement that Prolira offers; namely early detection and objective monitoring of acute encephalopathy and delirium”, says Annemarie Willems, Founder of Prolira. With DeltaScan® acute encephalopathy and delirium are detected sooner and more accurately. This enables healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes. That is good news for all stakeholders in the healthcare system: reduced length of hospital stay, increased hospital patient capacity and significant cost reduction on hospital department level.

DeltaScan® in action
In the years to come, routine brain state monitoring will become part of the normal set of vital parameters. Our objective is to further advance our position as the first and only routinely used bedside brain state monitor. This investment enables an increased uptake of DeltaScan® in key European countries and, after FDA clearance, also a lift off in the USA.”; says Rutger van Merkerk, CEO & Founder.

Jan Frens van Giessel, Partner at Holland Capital; “Holland Capital backed Prolira in 2016 as an early-stage investor enabling the team to develop a CE-marked medical device, introduce it onto the market and into the hands of healthcare professionals. DeltaScan® is now implemented in more than 25 hospitals, increasing patients’ recovery through better and earlier diagnosis. Holland Capital continues to back the team of Prolira in its international growth ambitions and welcomes the new investors”.

About Prolira
Prolira is a high-tech scale-up and pioneer that addresses a costly and growing healthcare problem: acute brain failure (acute encephalopathy and delirium), which is a serious response of the brain to common underlying medical conditions like kidney failure or COVID. Every year, 20 million patients are at risk of acute brain failure in EU and US hospitals, which leads to long-term cognitive impairment (incl. dementia), longer hospital stays, and higher healthcare costs. Prolira’s DeltaScan® is the world’s first EEG device with AI algorithms that objectively and reliably find 75% more cases than usual care, which is key to patient recovery. Prolira is a 15-persons strong, enthusiastic, up-to-speed team with experienced business development, marketing & sales, and clinical support specialists ready to scale. Currently, 25+ hospital departments in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and the UK are customers.

About Holland Capital
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