YOEP Education and Care joins forces with Groei & Glunder

Amsterdam, 11 September – Our portfoliocompany YOEP Education and Care is entering into a partnership with Groei & Glunder. Through this collaboration, facilitated by Holland Capital, YOEP strengthens its support services and expands its operational area, particularly in the Amsterdam region. For Groei & Glunder, this provides the opportunity to offer its clients SGGZ (Specialized Mental Healthcare) services.

Groei & Glunder specializes in ambulatory family counseling, school, and group counseling for children aged 2 to 17 with developmental disorders such as autism, ADHD, and/or children who are dealing with developmental, attention, or behavioral problems. Groei & Glunder has various specializations, including guidance focused on the themes of Gender & Individuality, Life & Loss, and guidance for Young Children.

Expanding the Range of Integrated Youth Care and Mental Health Services

 Through this collaboration, YOEP expands its activities and specialization. Clients now have access to an organization offering an even wider range of integrated youth care and mental health services. This partnership enables a more substantial contribution to effective and affordable youth care.

Growth Ambitions of YOEP

 The collaboration with Groei & Glunder is part of YOEP’s ambitious growth plans. Following the acquisition of Ad Astra in March 2022 and the acquisition of Praktische GGZ in March 2023, the acquisition of Groei en Glunder marks the next step in the growth strategy. Through this partnership, YOEP aims to make an even greater contribution to effective and affordable (youth) care for clients, municipalities, and insurers. Additionally, the collaboration presents opportunities for further training and development of the staff.

Marije Veen, CEO of YOEP, stated, “YOEP and Groei & Glunder share the same mission: to improve youth care in the Netherlands and provide special care to families. By joining forces, our organization becomes stronger, enabling us to better assist families by offering a comprehensive range of integrated youth care and mental health services. Additionally, the collaboration provides our employees with further opportunities for professional development.”

Anne-Sophie Schürmann, founder of Groei & Glunder, said, ‘With a target audience that is becoming increasingly complex, the expansion into specialized treatment and diagnostic services within Groei & Glunder has been on our wish list for years. We are proud to finally take this step and expand our ambulatory care with an SGGZ branch. We are very much looking forward to the collaboration and see many opportunities ahead, both for our colleagues and the families we serve!’

About Groei & Glunder

Groei & Glunder was founded in 2014 and serves clients in the Amsterdam, Amstelland, Kennemerland, Zaanstreek-Waterland, Haarlemmermeer, and Gooi & Vechtstreek regions with a team of 70 colleagues.

About YOEP

YOEP was founded in 2015 and provides outpatient specialised healthcare (SGGZ) to children and young adults until the age of 23. The care is provided by more than 180 employees using a self-developed e-health application, the Functionering Profiel.  The organisation is active in the regions of Zuid-Holland, Midden-Holland, Haaglanden, Holland-Rijnland, greater Amsterdam and Gooi en Vechtstreek. Previously, Ad Astra (guidance and youth care) and De Praktische GGZ (outpatient mental health care) joined YOEP.

About Holland Capital

Over the past 40 years, Holland Capital has responsibly and successfully invested in more than 160 promising companies that are reshaping industries and driving global innovation. With a clear investment strategy, it is active in the attractive growth markets of technology, healthcare, and food & agri. The experienced and committed investment team understands what entrepreneurship entails. They strive for an open, sustainable, and professional relationship with the management teams of the companies in which they invest, with the common goal of achieving growth. Holland Capital is supported by a broad network of successful entrepreneurs. Holland Capital has been involved in YOEP as a shareholder since December 2021. She actively supports the organization in both the operational and strategic development of the company.


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