Mauritskliniek joins CORIUS

NZa approval for acquisition of Mauritskliniek by CORIUS

Amsterdam, 16 September 2022 – The Dutch Healthcare Authority has given its approval to the proposed acquisition of our portfolio company Mauritskliniek by CORIUS. Mauritskliniek (incl. Kliniek Veldhoven) provides healthcare services in dermatology, varicose veins, proctology, skin therapy and medical-cosmetic care. The Mauritskliniek is located in Amsterdam, The Hague, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Veldhoven. CORIUS is the largest network of dermatology and phlebology practices in Germany and Switzerland.

By acquiring Mauritskliniek, CORIUS geographically expands its European healthcare offerings to the Netherlands. Both the services and vision of Mauritskliniek are perfectly consistent with those of  CORIUS.

Heidi Niemöller (CEO CORIUS):On behalf of all our employees, we are looking forward to welcome Mauritskliniek and Kliniek Veldhoven as new members of CORIUS. We are impressed by the strong positioning and growth Mauritskliniek has realized during the collaboration with Holland Capital. We aim to offer the best possible care for the patients of Mauritskliniek, whereby the exchange of knowledge about treatments and new technologies between doctors of different locations will be important. We thank Holland Capital and the board of Mauritskliniek in their trust, and we are very aware of our responsibility for both employees and patients. We are looking forward to the future.“

Margot Engels (General Manager a.i. Mauritskliniek and Kliniek Veldhoven): “We are very pleased that our clinics become part of CORIUS, while each clinic will keep their own identity. Joining CORIUS enables Mauritskliniek as an organisation to extend its healthcare offerings and deliver an even higher quality of dermatology, phlebology and medical-cosmetic care.”


CORIUS is a network of dermatology and phlebology practices. Doctors and partners of CORIUS deliver the highest level of quality and apply the most modern technology. An absolute passion for the job and patients is pivotal in the way of working. CORIUS offers their patients holistic and individual treatments, whereby in-house expert knowledge is shared across cross-clinics and colleagues. Employees follow additional education and trainings throughout. CORIUS has 32 practices and employs 139 doctors and 615 employees. About 450.000 patients are treated each year.

About Mauritskliniek

Mauritskliniek is a specialized clinic for dermatology, treatment for varicose veins and medical-cosmetic care. After the acquisition of Kliniek Veldhoven in 2020, the range of cosmetic-care has been further expanded. The clinics are known for high quality and a pleasant way of working. Their values are personal, clear and well organized. The clinics offer both insured and uninsured care. Customer satisfaction is rated with 8.7/10 points, according

About Holland Capital

Over the past 40 years, Holland Capital has responsibly and successfully invested in over more than 150 SME-companies. With a clear investment strategy Holland Capital is active in the attractive growth markets of Healthcare and Technology. Holland Capital’s experienced and committed investment team aims to establish an open, sustainable, and professional relationship with the companies they invest in, with the common goal of achieving growth. Holland Capital is backed by a broad network of successful healthcare entrepreneurs in the relevant growth markets.

Interview with Margot Engels

Interview with Margot Engels

Investing in healthcare has pros and cons. In addition to the financial aspect, social responsibility is at least as important. Substantive knowledge of the product, the sector and market movements are therefore essential, as Margot Engels also knows.

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