HMCC attracts investor Holland Capital for further growth

Amsterdam, 2 November 203 – Investment firm Holland Capital is investing in HMCC Medical Group (HMCC), a provider that offers remote support for primary care. The investment is led by Holland Capital, in partnership with Weijenberg Invest. With this investment, HMCC can further develop its services and technologies.

Remote Healthcare

The Dutch healthcare system is facing challenges due to an aging population and a shortage of healthcare professionals. This highlights the need for solutions like HMCC that optimize resources while improving the quality of care. HMCC is committed to improve the accessibility of general practitioner practices and clinics. By deploying a professional medical team, HMCC relieves the pressure on practices and medical staff, allowing them to focus on patient care. HMCC’s team consists of experienced medical assistants, triage personnel, and nurses who provide remote expert advice to patients. They carefully assess the urgency of medical inquiries and facilitate effective communication. The on-site assistant in the general practitioner’s office can then fully concentrate on providing physical care to patients.

Innovative Growth

With the investment, HMCC can further develop and expand its services and technologies to better meet the growing demand for remote healthcare.

“The approach of HMCC contributes to improving the accessibility of the general practitioner’s office for patients and reducing the workload at the practice. We are excited to invest in a company that plays a central role in efficiently facilitating remote healthcare,” says Jan-Frens van Giessel, partner at Holland Capital. Following the investment in the healthcare platform HealthConnected in 2020, this is Holland Capital’s second investment focused on efficiency and digitalization in primary care.

Patrick Eliasar, CEO of HMCC, says, “Thanks to the investment from Holland Capital, we can expand our services and further develop the technology to meet the growing needs of remote healthcare. The investment also allows us to move forward with a much clearer vision of the future of healthcare, where the role of remote patient care becomes not only essential for general practitioners, hospitals, and clinics but also for pharmacies, for example.”

About HMCC

HMCC is a leading medical contact center specializing in improving the accessibility of general practitioner practices. With a team of experienced professionals, HMCC provides solutions that contribute to quality healthcare and remote care. Dozens of general practitioner practices and clinics already use HMCC’s services.

About Holland Capital

For the past 40 years, Holland Capital has responsibly and successfully invested in over 180 promising companies. With a clear investment strategy, the firm is active in attractive growth markets, including Healthcare, Technology, and Agrifood. The experienced and engaged investment team understands what entrepreneurship entails. They aim for an open, sustainable, and professional relationship with the management teams of the companies they invest in, with the common goal of achieving growth. Holland Capital is supported by a broad network of successful entrepreneurs and has offices in Amsterdam and Düsseldorf.

Interview with Margot Engels

Interview with Margot Engels

Investing in healthcare has pros and cons. In addition to the financial aspect, social responsibility is at least as important. Substantive knowledge of the product, the sector and market movements are therefore essential, as Margot Engels also knows.

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