YOEP Onderwijs & Zorg joins forces with Ad Astra

YOEP Onderwijs & Zorg joins forces with Ad Astra

Amsterdam, 14th of March 2022, Our portfolio company YOEP Onderwijs en Zorg is joining forces with Ad Astra Begeleiding & Behandeling, a youth care provider which focuses on the guidance and treatment of children and young adults. As a result of the merger, enabled by Holland Capital, an organisation arises with a broad offering in integrated youth care and mental health care (GGZ), which is of great added value for youth care.

Ad Astra offers guidance and treatment to children and young adults, aging from 6 to 23, who struggle due to development issues. Ad Astra focusses on specialized guidance, youth care and general primary health care (BGGZ).

Custom services through the use of innovative software        
Since both organizations operate in the intersection between education and healthcare, they complement each other seamlessly.  By working together with child, parents, school and others involved, YOEP and As Astra are able to offer custom services, leveraging their professional teams and innovative software, ”het Functioneringsprofiel”. This e-health app is used for screening, pre-diagnostic and monitoring to map the functioning of the child in a fast and comprehensive manner. By using het Functioneringsprofiel, custom services can be provided by YOEP and Ad Adstra, enabling the companies operate based on the “first time right” principle, hereby ensuring faster, much-needed care for the child or young adult. Furthermore, het Functioneringsprofiel provides support for efficient multi-disciplinary consultation as well as guidance during the health process, resulting in a reduction of healthcare costs.

Growth ambition YOEP

The merger between YOEP and Ad Astra is part of the envisioned growth ambitions of YOEP.

Simon van den Brekel, director YOEP, “with this acquisition we wish to ensure both continuity for our clients as well as for our employees. The merger of YOEP and Ad Astra will provide more integrated youth care, putting us a step closer to our ultimate goal: optimizing the care for our clients and providing care when needed in a result oriented manner.”

Marije Veen, director Ad Astra, “as as a result of this merger with YOEP, we are better equipped to provide effective and affordable youth care. Innovations and continuous improvement processes are the main drivers for our employees, as well as securing high customer satisfaction rates.” Marije Veen will join the board of YOEP Holding.

About Ad Astra        
Ad Astra was founded in 2008 and focusses, through 140 professionals, on specialized guidance, youth care and BGGZ in the regions Midden-Holland and Haaglanden.

About YOEP 
YOEP was founded by Michiel Noordzij (a child-and youth psychiatric) and Simon van den Brekel in 2015. The organization provides outpatient specialized healthcare (SGGZ) to children and young adults until the age of 23. YOEP employs more than 60 employees and is active in the regions Zuid-Holland, Midden-Holland, Haaglanden, Holland Rijnland, Amsterdam and Gooi en Vechtstreek.

About Holland Capital
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