Yes We Can Healthcare Group joins forces with Holland Capital

Yes We Can Healthcare Group joins forces with Holland Capital

Hilvarenbeek / Amsterdam, 1st of July 2021 – Holland Capital joins forces with Yes We Can Healthcare Group (YWCHG), a mental healthcare clinic for young people between 13 and 23 with addictions and psychiatric-, psychological or behavioral disorders. With assistance from Holland Capital, Yes We Can Healthcare Group aims to realize its ambitious aspirations for growth.

Yes We Can Clinics began providing its effective treatment of addiction and severe psychological-, psychiatric- or behavioral disorders in 2011. Where traditional forms of care are unable to provide adequate treatment, the Yes We Can Clinics methodology is effective in the vast majority of cases. A large team of care professionals offers a way out to approximately 1000 clients annually. Yes We Can Clinics has observed that the complexity of disorders among young people has increased. Behavioral disorders and addictions used to be the most pertinent, but in recent years the clinic has seen a spike in clients that suffer from depression, (sexual) violence, game addiction, and personality- or eating disorders.

Expansion of treatment portfolio
Yes We Can Clinics has received persistent requests – from various stakeholders, such as potential clients themselves, parents of clients, municipalities, insurers and the government – to consider addressing other forms of care that may contribute to rehabilitation of the client and his or her family. As such, Yes We Can Clinics ambitions for growth also revolve around new initiatives such as: expansion of clinical care for young people, establishment of its own protected-living facilities and ambulatory forms of daycare at locations across the Netherlands.

Joining forces
To realize its stated ambitions, Yes We Can Healthcare Group has begun a collaboration with Holland Capital.

Jan Willem Poot, founder and CEO of Yes We Can Healthcare Group: “We were in search of a partner that believes in the vision of Yes We Can Healthcare Group and that is able to help us realize our ambition to grow into the leading provider of mental healthcare for young people in Europe. We look forward to a pleasant collaboration and are thankful to be able to continue providing care for our clients and their families.”

Hubert Verbeek, managing partner at Holland Capital: “Yes We Can Healthcare Group is one of the most prominent and progressive mental healthcare providers in the Netherlands, which differentiates itself from other providers through its unique treatment methodology. Holland Capital is proud to work with Yes We Can Healthcare Group’s dedicated team of professionals and aims to contribute significantly to its plans for growth.

About Yes We Can Healthcare Group
Yes We Can Clinics is part of Yes We Can Healthcare Group and one of the most effective mental healthcare clinics for young people from the Netherlands (and far beyond). Yes We Can Healthcare Group also has an international branch, Yes We Can Youth Clinics, which treats young people from across the world, from over 50 countries. When all else fails, Yes We Can Healthcare Group has meant a turning point for many young people, as well as for their families and/or caretakers.

About Holland Capital
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