Wortell combines knowledge in Enterprise Security unit and launches own Cloud SOC

Wortell combines knowledge in Enterprise Security unit and launches own Cloud SOC

Lijnden, September 2, 2019 – Wortell, the Netherlands’ largest Microsoft partner in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, has taken to bundling its security services under the name Wortell Enterprise Security, offering its own cloud Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC will be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. A quick-response team will be set in place, allowing Wortell to respond to a clear need of many companies: the need for a familiar Dutch company to provide aid in the case of a cyberattack. Experienced entrepreneur Maarten Goet was brought aboard to lead this unit.

For the past few years, Goet has set his focus on Microsoft Cloud, resulting in his Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award and the prestigious Microsoft Regional Director title, both fitting rewards for his strategical efforts in the field of security. “From now on, clients can rely on Wortell Enterprise Security for adequate cloud protection of invaluable company infrastructure and applications,” says Goet.

24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) with in-house software

The threat of an incoming cyberattack has become more real than ever, resulting in the importance of knowing when to expect one and if you have prepared properly. With Microsoft 365 E5, Microsoft offers first-class protection of identities, data and endpoints. “Through the foundation of a seperate, focused unit, as well as bringing Maarten into the picture, our security specialists are much better equipped to serve clients, partly from our own 24/7 SOC. Solutions like Mission Critical Azure TM and Unbreakable Pipelines TM play vital roles in offering our clients safe Azure (DevOps) environments,” explains Danny Burlage, Wortell CEO.

“Maarten and his team develop unique pieces of software, enabling better management and security of our clients’ cloud environments. It’s our way of expanding the current Microsoft E5 and Azure functionalities regarding multitenancy, connection to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, continuous compliancy and security monitoring, as well as opening the door for the largest of companies to join our clientele.”

Wortell Enterprise Security and its Incident Response Team

One of the pillars of Wortell Enterprise Security’s services remains the quick response in case of incidents. With over 25 security specialists in 3 separate locations, Wortell is capable of assembling a response team at a very short notice. Its native software guarantees that all relevant information is collected quickly, so that the team can determine the scope of the incident right away.

“Simply putting back-ups in their original place and bringing company systems back online rarely has the desired effect if the scope is unknown. Re-establishing the network’s connection while the team is still performing the analysis will only lead to the returning of the initial attack. Speed is always crucial when looking at the impact such an attack can have on the business,” concluded Goet.

“Our teams stand at the ready to offer first aid, meaning discovering the severity of the incident, what the company has already done to overcome it, and whether or not they managed to ‘freeze’ the situation. If asked for an analysis afterwards, we immediately go and set up a crisis team, consisting of a lawyer alongside multiple IT experts.”

Dutch, independent, unlisted

“With all the cyberattacks coming from abroad, we’re not surprised by the desire for a 100% Dutch and independent service provider to assist governments and companies in the field of cyber security. Wortell has been around for 23 years and is exclusively Dutch-run, even going as far as basing our SOC in the Netherlands. In terms of the trust we receive from our clients, that’s a big investment,” adds Piet Vink, commercial director at Wortell.

Wortell also possesses NEN, ISO and ISAE certifications, as well as being the only Dutch partner to participate in the Microsoft Security Partner Advisory Council. This council provides a platform for Wortell, through which they can directly influence Microsoft’s technology roadmap.