Walter Balestra shares his experiences on the fast-growing organization ZorgDomein Nederland

Amsterdam, 21st of March 2017 – During the third Holland Venture Growth Session, Walter Balestra (CEO of the fast-growing organization ZorgDomein Nederland) shared his experiences  on how his organization acquired a central place in the Dutch healthcare landscape. For the attendees, it was an interesting session on growth and innovation in the healthcare sector.






In 2000, ZorgDomein was cofounded by Walter Balestra out of the consulting firm Plexus. By offering a national platform which enables the connection between people who need care and people who provide care, ZorgDomein aims to organise care more efficient and more effective. In 2016 about 80% of all referrals from physicians in the Netherlands was completed via ZorgDomein. Last year the organization processed 7,4M transactions and it  had around 90 employees. Hereby taking up a central place in the Dutch healthcare landscape. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, Walter fulfils the role of CEO of ZorgDomein Nederland since 2006. As an investor, he is also involved in several start-ups in healthcare. Walter has a background as a medical biologist specialised in brain research.

The strong growth of ZorgDomein, as well as the challenges associated with such a development, were a central topic during this Growth Session. Walter recounted vividly about the development of his company and shared his teachable moments with the attendees. The interactive character inspired the attendees, including a large number of entrepreneurs of the Holland Venture Holdings. The exchange of experience and the hands-on tips from Walter were regarded as highly valuable.