USoft takes its low-code growth strategy forward with new investor Holland Capital

USoft takes its low-code growth strategy forward with new investor Holland Capital
Hans Canisius appointed as new CEO

Amsterdam/Naarden, 19 February 2020 – Software vendor and service provider USoft is setting a new strategic course. Having joined forces with Holland Capital as investment partner, the company will now be pursuing a buy-and-build strategy alongside organic growth to reinforce its market position in low-code platforms for business-critical systems. Hans Canisius (36), formerly business consultant for USoft, has been appointed to the position of CEO effective this date.

USoft’s core business is low-code software development based on business rules, with a focus on business-critical back-end environments – primarily knowledge-intensive and transactional systems. In USoft’s vision, when you want to build a house you start with the foundation. That means USoft first makes sure that the back-and systems are stable, easy to maintain and scalable. That’s when you can build all the front-end systems the client needs. And thanks to that approach, whether it’s redesign or a new build of core systems, clients can even get started with their own application development themselves – or else put the whole process in USoft’s hands.

Second wave of low code is all about the back-end
Hans Canisius has been a business consultant for USoft since 2015, and was involved in the development of the low-code platform. In his role as CEO of the company, he will now be responsible for the company’s continued growth in the Netherlands and abroad. “Low code is the perfect way to speed up your digital transformation,” says Canisius. “The first wave of low code is primarily focused on apps for end users. But it seems that more and more, there are increasingly complex IT issues behind these apps. In the second wave of low code, which we’re working in now, we can carry the benefits of low code through to the underlying, more complex business-critical layer. For clients seeking to develop complex systems the easy way, USoft is the ideal partner. And in Holland Capital, we’ve found our ideal partner, who can on the one hand help us make clear strategic choices and on the other can support us in the rollout of our intended buy-and-build strategy. That’s how we’ll be continuing to enhance our technology and services so we can support our clients from start to finish.”

Hubert Verbeek, Managing Partner at Holland Capital, adds: “USoft has been around for thirty years, in a fast-moving, fragmented market that is under constant change. With its unique low-code platform they have been able to add tremendous value to organizations in the national government, the aviation sector, education, financial institutions and logistics services providers. We see USoft as a very promising platform with enormous growth opportunities in terms of technology and supporting services.”

About USoft
USoft offers organizations a low-code platform for the development or redesign of business-critical systems. The intelligent and flexible low-code platform is the solution for clients who want to innovate fast and move with the needs of the market. Thanks to the smart application of business rules, USoft’s main strength, the foundation of the solution always remains grounded in the context of the organization. USoft’s customers can use the platform to modify or develop their own core systems or use USoft as implementation partner. To achieve the best result, USoft always immerses itself in the essence of the client’s business operations, and history shows that clients always appreciate the high service level that this produces. USoft’s software and low-code platform are used worldwide by over 10,000 users in the the national government, the aviation sector, education, financial institutions and logistics services providers. Explore new possibilities. For more information, visit

About Holland Capital
Over the past 38 years, Holland Capital has invested successfully in over 140 small and medium-sized enterprises in the Netherlands. With a clear investment strategy, it focuses its activities in the attractive growth markets of Healthcare and Tech. Holland Capital’s experienced and dedicated investment team knows what doing business means. They strive for an open, long-term and professional relationship with the management teams of the enterprises Holland Capital invests in, with the shared goal of achieving growth. Holland Capital is supported by a broad network of successful businesses in Healthcare and Tech.