Software Testing and Quality Assurance company Valori receives capital injection to realize its growth ambitions

Software Testing and Quality Assurance company Valori receives capital injection to realize its growth ambitions

Utrecht/Amsterdam, 18th of July 2019, Investment company Holland Capital closed an investment deal together with the management team of Valori, the biggest independent software and quality assurance player in The Netherlands. The management of Valori and Holland Capital are aiming to expedite growth of the company in the coming years, both by growing the company organically and by implementing an active buy-and-build strategy. By means of this combined strategy, Valori aims to further strengthen its position in the field of software testing and quality assurance and to bring its total revenue to about EUR 50 million.

Valori, founded in 1989 and located in Utrecht, is the biggest independent software testing and quality assurance player in The Netherlands. Valori is specialized in testing new computer systems and adjusting already existing systems. With over 200 specialized professionals, the company has extensive knowledge of several industry sectors, tooling possibilities, and software platforms. Valori supports its customers by creating the architecture, but also by testing and monitoring the implemented software. This way, Valori is able to add value to every step of the product development process, from architecture to maintenance. Extensive knowledge of technological platforms such as PEGA, Outsystems, and Salesforce enables Valori to offer premium support in an unique manner. Valori currently works together with dozens of companies active in wide-ranging industry sectors including financial services, government, telecom, insurance, utilities and other large corporations. Some of Valori’s biggest customers include: the Ministries of Economic Affairs, Justice and Security, ING Bank, Rabobank, Philips, Engie, and GreenChoice.

Growth ambitions
Valori aims to double its total revenue within five years to EUR 50 million. With its clear and well-defined strategic decisions, further professionalization of the company and roll-out of a buy-and-build strategy, Valori aspires to further enhance its strategic position in the market. Recently, as part of the roll-out process of the buy-and-build strategy, the companies Cerios IT Architects and Cerios Kwaliteit were added to the Valori Group.

Ad Vossenaar, CEO of Valori said: ‘Digitalization is rapidly changing the technology landscape. This transformation forces companies to release software much faster. These companies bring Valori in to ensure persistent quality assurance. We help customers expedite their software release cycles in order to considerably speed up the time-to-market. Our customer base is expanding as well as the demand for integrated solutions. Even across the border people are recognizing that we possess over unique knowledge and expertise of specific software platforms. For this reason, Valori was able to seize some amazing opportunities together with its much appreciated financial partner. Holland Capital is an extremely valuable partner, who helps us to strengthen our strategic position in the field, to develop our product- and service portfolio, and to continue investing in talent and innovation’

‘Valori is active in a fast-growing, fragmented market. Software nowadays is implemented almost everywhere you can imagine. The need for quality assurance during the development- and maintenance process is therefore of paramount importance. In the market we see a diverse range of small, highly-specialized companies that have trouble growing organically by themselves, but could have a beneficial role on a greater scale. We view Valori as a promising platform that through autonomous growth, strategic relationships with software vendors, and by pursuing an ambitious buy-and-build strategy, will be able to realize substantial growth.’, according to Ewout Prins, managing partner at Holland Capital.