New investments for the international introduction of Ventinova Medical

New investments for the international introduction of Ventinova Medical

Eindhoven, 10 March 2020 – Ventinova closed a successful third financing round with existing and new shareholders. Ventinova Medical develops and sells innovative products in the field of patient ventilation. The investment will be used for the international market introduction of Evone®, Ventinova’s disruptive mechanical ventilator.

Innovative product development
Established in 2013, Ventinova Medical develops and markets innovative products in the field of patient ventilation and airway management . The products that have been introduced on the market so far consist of the mechanical ventilator Evone®; the manual ventilator Ventrain®; the ultra-thin ventilation tube Tritube®; and the ultra-thin transtracheal catheter Cricath®. Ventinova’s products are currently used in hundreds of hospitals in 22 countries.

FCV®, a new concept for ventilation
The Evone®, launched two years ago, is based on the in-house developed FCV® concept. FCV® is the first and only solution worldwide that controls both the expiration and the inspiration phase during artificial respiration. The significant clinical benefits of FCV® have been demonstrated in various international clinical studies and the concept is gaining significant traction globally; In 2019, Evone® was introduced in at least 12 new European countries.

There is a growing recognition for the developments Ventinova has made. Prof. Dr. Med Dietmar Enk, inventor of FCV® and Medical Consultant at Ventinova, was named a honorary member of the European Airway Management Society last November in recognition of his contributions to healthcare. The American magazine MedTech recently proclaimed Ventinova “Company of the Year”. And the American magazine Anesthesiology News devoted an article to FCV® on its front page.

Dirk van Asseldonk, CEO Ventinova: “As a team, we worked incredibly hard and we took huge steps in both our product development and the awareness of our innovative ventilation concept. I am delighted to see that we are globally recognized as innovative player in the field of patient ventilation. Moreover, I am very satisfied with this new investment and the important role Holland Capital has taken on as existing investor. The confidence we receive from our new and existing investors enables a further international roll out of Evone of which we are extremely proud.”