MedAngel takes away doubts about the effectiveness of medication

Digital healthcare startup receives investment from Holland Venture and Oost NL

Apeldoorn/Amsterdam, 13th of July 2018 – Uncertainties regarding the effectiveness of injectable medications is a major concern for millions of patients. There are many factors that can influence the effectiveness of prescription drugs, and potentially cause major health complications. One of these factors is storage temperature at which injectables are kept once dispensed by the pharmacy to the patient. Many drugs can lose their effectiveness when stored outside of the recommended temperature range. MedAngel, based in Nijmegen, ends this insecurity by empowering people to monitor the real-time temperature of their medications. To support the company’s international growth, MedAngel received funding from Holland Venture and Oost NL.

Control your own health
Amin Zayani, founder and director of MedAngel, lives with type 1 diabetes since 2006 and knows how important it is to store and transport his insulin at a proper temperature. Some years ago, he ended up in the emergency room himself when his insulin was frozen in the domestic refrigerator by accident. After this experience he started looking for a solution. When there was no solution available, he founded MedAngel. “No one should ever doubt the effectiveness of their medicine”, according to Zayani.

Grip on daily life
Millions of individuals are dependent on their temperature sensitive medicine, such as people living with diabetes, or rheumatoid arthritis. Drugs that lose their effectiveness when exposed to excessive heat or cold, can lead to life-threatening situations. MedAngel developed a connected sensor, MedAngel ONE, that measures real-time storage temperatures. The measurements are displayed in a smartphone app, which is linked to a database of storage temperatures for over 100 temperature sensitive medications. Every time the temperature approaches or exceeds critical values, the app sends out intuitive alerts and notifications; a radically simple solution to exclude an important risk factor. “MedAngel ONE reduces the worry and insecurity about the effectiveness of medicine and increases patients’ control over their daily life”, adds Zayani. On top of this, using MedAngel ONE ensures that optimal therapeutic outcomes are achieved and saves costs in the healthcare sector as it prevents medical complications and reduces the unnecessary waste of medicine.

International growth
Zayani took part in the Rockstart Digital Health Program, and with investments from private individuals and Oost NL, Zayani was able to develop and launch MedAngel ONE. MedAngel ONE is already being sold through Amazon in Europe and the USA and through the largest pharmacy chain in the USA, CVS. Furthermore, there are distributors in Sweden, France, Canada, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. Zayani: “Now it’s time to move on to the next phase with Holland Venture and Oost NL. Both partners have extensive experience with growing companies in the healthcare and technology sector. We see this investment as a crucial step to achieve commercial success in the USA and Europe.”

About Holland Venture
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