Inspiring Holland Venture 'Growth Session' of Menno van der Marel (Fox-IT)

5th of July 2016- Cyber Security, the main topic during the second Holland Venture Growth Session. An issue Fox-IT plays a crucial role in with his 250 employees.

Menno van der Marel, CEO and co-founder, launched FOX IT together with his partner Ronald Prins in 1999. The company develops equipment for the protection of the Dutch State Secrets. Via digital ways they study integrity and fraud offenses and support the government and industry in keeping their digital environment safe. Fox-IT is often prominent in the news to explain and deepen in digital security issues. They also played an important role in various investigations into data leaks.






Fox-IT has experienced strong growth since 1999 and was acquired in 2015 by the British NCC Group. During the ‘Growth Session’ this development process of Fox-IT was the main topic, as well as the particular features that are related to such growth. Additionally Menno gave more insight into the world of cyber security. An inspiring story for the entrepreneurs of the Holland Venture investments.

During the Holland Venture Growth Sessions we invite a successful entrepreneur to share his or her experiences in a fast growing company with the management teams of our portfolio companies. These are interactive sessions with a focus on achieving growth by sharing experiences and tips-and-tricks in an informal setting.