Humeca officially launches sister company Humeca, Inc. in the USA

Amsterdam, 12 februari 2016 – The launch follows a steady growth in demand and supply of their products worldwide and enables Humeca to expand their distribution network in the United States. The skin grafting products are life-saving for the treatment of burn victims. Humeca’s dedicated Sales Manager, Alison Willox is already seeing positive and growing interest from hospitals and burn centers throughout the country.

Founded in 1981, Humeca B.V. is a company that develops and markets innovative products particular in the field of burn surgery. It is the one stop shop for burn doctors. With all products FDA registered and readily available, Humeca aims to bring a unique and personal service. With their products they provide medical experts with materials and equipment for optimum treatment of their patients. Humeca is doing business successfully in over 70 countries. In the US, there is a continual need for specialist products for the treatment of burns. By establishing Humeca, Inc. the company enables the supply of their services directly to hospitals who treat many of the 40,000* burn victims who are admitted every year. Humeca, Inc. provide a selection of cordless, battery operated dermatomes, a wide range of dermatome blades, skin meshers and mesh graft carriers and are also proud to be able to offer the revolutionary MEEK Micrografting machine.

Bringing the MEEK technique home
The MEEK technique was originally described by Dr. Cicero Parker Meek from the University of South Carolina Aiken (USCA), USA in 1958 where postage stamp autografts were obtained and expanded using double pleated gauzes with a nine fold expansion. However, this original technique required too much skill and it became eclipsed by the introduction of mesh skin grafts by Tanner et al. in 1964 and was eventually discontinued. In the early 1990’s two surgeons from the Red Cross Hospital, Beverwijk, in The Netherlands approached Humeca and asked for help in re-introducing a modified meek technique. After much engineering and re-design the modified meek technique was finalized and released in 1993. Humeca, Inc are excited to “bringing home” and introduce the life-saving modified MEEK technique to the USA.

Chairman and President Mr. Arnoud Van Velzen said: “The establishment of Humeca, Inc. is the consequence of many US enquiries regarding our Humeca products. We are proud that our life-saving equipment is now accessible to more than 120 burn centers in the US.”