Holland Venture’s portfolio company Highcare invests in educational institute Latona

Amsterdam, 22 January 2018 – Highcare, the temporary employment- and secondment agency in the healthcare and safety domain, acquired the activities from Latona. Latona provides organisational- and educational advisory services in primary care. The last few years, Highcare carried out an active buy- and build strategy, during which she acquired the companies Ambucare, SEHV, EMC and now Latona. The acquisition of Latona allows Highcare to strengthen its current position in the healthcare market.

Knowledge expansion
The offered organisational- and educational advisory services, include all aspects of primary care: from vision development to design and from training and implementation to practical delivery. Highcare is a temporary employment- and secondment agency which matches highly qualified professionals with clients mainly in the healthcare domain. By means of the Highcare Academy, professionals can continuously retrain and develop themselves in their respective discipline. By combining knowledge and experience from both Latona and Highcare Academy, professionals and clients of Highcare can benefit from field specific knowledge broadening and deepening, and the development of new educational products and training possibilities.

Educating people as solution for the shortage of healthcare employees
Highcare and Latona both feel responsible for- and involved with the healthcare sector. They closely monitor- and respond to current market developments such as a growing demand for provided care and the increasing shortage of healthcare personnel. Developments which coerce society to look for answers. With the acquisition of Latona, Highcare can even better train its own professionals, attract new professionals and improve the quality of healthcare. The transaction was accompanied by Marktlink.

Shared ambitions
Willem Grool, director of Highcare adds to this: “Highcare will expand her offered services over the full-range of the healthcare domain and we see additional chances in the area of primary care. Quality is crucial in the vision of Highcare. An important aspect of this is the expertise development of our professionals. Latona was looking for a partner to ensure the continuity of its operations and to expand its offered services. With the integration of Latona in Highcare Academy, Highcare sees chances to broaden and expand the full range of offered activities. We are convinced that this collaboration allows both organisations to better realise its shared growth ambitions.”

About Highcare
Highcare is the partner in the field of staffing in both the healthcare and safety domain. Highcare offers solutions for both short and long-term personnel issues. Besides offering temporary employment-, secondment- and mediation service, Highcare has its own training academy in which she provides assessments, retraining and in-service training possibilities for all Highcare health professionals and its clients.