Holland Venture invests in cloud & security specialist Avensus Netherlands BV

Amsterdam, November 28th, 2016 – Holland Venture invests in cloud and security specialist Avensus. The investment supports Avensus to achieve further growth in the financial and healthcare sector and to further develop its technological expertise in cloud and security.

Avensus was founded in 2000 and provides manageable and secure IT solutions that contribute to cost control, continuity, secure storage and data protection. Avensus has a loyal and appealing set of customers. For years now the top of the Dutch banking has been  benefiting from Avensus Crypto Services; the only Dutch security specialist with the highest accreditations to provide these services. By translating this expertise to other sectors, Avensus managed to acquire its current position as an IT partner for healthcare institutions. Protecting privacy-sensitive data is of vital importance for this sector and where it comes to the Managed Cloud Services, Avensus acts as directing and sourcing partner.

Holland Venture invests together with ICT-entrepreneur Abram Schermer. Mr. Schermer has a track record in IT and with his (hands-on) engagement he will commercially and strategically support and advise the Avensus management team. In 2010 Mr. Schermer, as founder, sold the system integrator Qwise successfully to Vision IT Group. Since 2015 he has worked as an independent investor and entrepreneur.

Ed Trautig CEO Avensus: “IT is essential for every organization; whether it comes to security, continuity or manageability. Avensus has set its focus in recent years on organizations in Healthcare and Financials. We know where the priority for these organisations lies and what they have to deal with in the future. Increasing regulation, block chain technology and robotics are emerging  in those sectors. To make sure that these companies are prepared for the future, that is what thrives Avensus every day. Not only from our High Grade Security expertise but also by linking this expertise to our Cloud Services,  so that every IT environment is implemented in a guaranteed safe way. By managing our customer’s IT-environment, we exactly know what the daily needs of these customers are. Therefor we have become an important IT partner for both the healthcare and the financial sector.

The cooperation with Holland Venture and Abram Schermer is a logical  next step for Avensus. These parties have had experience over many years  of growing (security) companies and Avensus is ready to grow. We believe that this partnership will help us in our ambition to acquire a leading position in our focus areas. “

“Security is a broad and increasing topic,” according to Hubert Verbeek, managing partner of Holland Venture. “The market is large, dynamic and growing. The management of Avensus is experienced, has a proven track record and a clear vision on the security market. In combination with the IT knowledge in the field of Cloud Security and Encryption, and the growing market share within the healthcare sector, this investment fits perfectly within our investment strategy. “

Avensus is specialized in Cloud & Security Services and contributes to this directly by meeting business needs such as cost savings, flexibility and continuity. With our Secure Outsourcing Services, we are helping our customers not only through our own expertise but also through co-operation with leading IT partners. Unique is Avensus Crypto Services that mainly  supports the financial sector. These services are essential when it comes to protecting reputation and compliancy. Avensus is seen by the customer as ‘ the’ partner for manageable and reliable, secure IT solutions. – www.avensus.nl

Holland Venture is one of the first independent private equity firms in the Netherlands and has been successfully and responsibly investing in promising small and medium-sized Dutch businesses with growth ambitions for more than 30 years. With a clear investment strategy, they anticipate long-term trends in attractive growth markets, focusing on the Healthcare and Technology sectors. An experienced and dedicated investment team knows entrepreneurship. They aim for an open, sustainable and professional relationship with management teams, with sustainable growth as a common goal. Holland Venture is supported by a broad network of successful entrepreneurs in Healthcare and Technology.