Highcare supports management buy-out Zorgzuster

Roosendaal/Maastricht, 27 November 2018 – Highcare and Ralph Smeets acquire all shares of Zorgzuster Nederland from Start People (part of USG People The Netherlands). Ralph Smeets has founded Zorgzuster in 2010. Highcare is the employment and deployment agency in the care and security domain. Zorgzuster is the platform regarding self-employed in the healthcare industry. She is the link between healthcare professionals and clients and with it delivers personalised care. The last few years, Highcare has implemented an active buy-and-build strategy and acquired the companies Ambucare, SEHV, EMC, Latona and Fydalo. The acquisition of Zorgzuster strengthens Highcare and her current market position in the healthcare segment.

Zorgzuster is the intermediary in nursing, care and home care. The platform mediates and facilitates self-employed in the healthcare industry. Zorgzuster has a database of around 4500 self-employed and mediates for 1700 self-employed monthly. The platform has a national coverage and operates from Maastricht.

Flexibility in terms of employment as a solution for the shortage of healthcare staff
Around 1,2 million people are currently employed in the Dutch healthcare industry. Because of the aging population, among others, a large healthcare employment gap has developed. On top of that an increasing number of Dutch people prefer a flexible contract. In the healthcare industry the number of self-employed has risen with 50% in the past five years to 30.000. It is expected that this number will rise even further in the coming years.

Highcare and Zorgzuster believe that offering flexibility in terms of employment, especially nowadays, is one of the most important solutions to close the employment gap in healthcare. Highcare and Zorgzuster are convinced that by letting healthcare professionals personalise the way they work much improvement can be achieved. Zorgzuster focuses on the mediation of self-employed in home care and Highcare in the employment and deployment of healthcare professionals in hospitals, emergency care and home care. By joining forces they can truly offer flexibility in terms of employment.

Joint ambitions
“Zorgzusters excellent qualitative services have an outstanding reputation in the home care market. By participating in Zorgzuster we offer our healthcare professionals a new form of flexible working and are better able to respond to the structural shortage of healthcare staff our employers struggle with. Zorgzuster is working for over 1300 active healthcare employers and has contracts with important home care providers we have not been in contact with yet. The expertise that Zorgzuster has built the past years in the mediation of self-employed can be applied to other healthcare segments because of the collaboration with Highcare”, says Willem Grool, Director Highcare.

Ralph Smeets, Director Zorgzuster, adds to that: “We found a strategic partner in Highcare to further develop our proposition and expand our healthcare expertise. This gives us a total offering of better and more cost efficient care. Together we can take the leading position in the Dutch healthcare market.”

Adriaan Belonje, Managing Director Start People: “Start People has acquired Zorgzuster in 2015 when it was a fast growing company providing flexible employee solutions in the healthcare sector. In the  past few years, Zorgzuster has developed into a reliable and professional partner of healthcare providers and clients. Within Zorgzuster there is an enormous entrepreneurial spirit that deserves to choose her own path. By joining forces with Highcare they can play a significant role in battling the employment shortage in healthcare together. I look back at a successful cooperation the past years and wish Zorgzuster and Highcare all the best.”