Holland Capital invests in Purple for international expansion of digital storytelling

Holland Capital invests in Purple for international expansion of digital storytelling

Amsterdam, Halfweg, 5th of January 2021 – Purple, the Amsterdam-based storytelling agency, is receiving funding from private equity provider Holland Capital. This investment will enable Purple to further develop the storytelling software Hyro while expanding and strengthening its international presence, both through organic growth and buy and build.

While the coronavirus is having an impact on us all globally, it’s also affecting sales and marketing departments at large companies. Since the start of the pandemic, companies have been forced to focus even more on digital and online channels. The online market is highly saturated and extremely competitive, and it’s difficult to gain attention of your target group. That’s why standing out from the crowd is crucial. With its new Digital Studio solution, Purple’s software Hyro offers the possibility to digitally produce large-scale and unique events.

Storytelling anywhere
Hyro provides a digital environment to which users can easily upload different types of content. The software is unique because it combines both new and existing content elements to create one compelling and interactive story. In addition, Hyro is technology-agnostic and can run on any screen or digital channel: from VR to online events, and from digital signage in the office to an immersive experience room with 360° projection. Users of the software can create and modify content independently, which reduces investments in content production (traditionally a large cost item) and increases return (ROI).

Cross-border Online Events
The newest part of the Hyro software, Digital studio, is a recording and live-stream environment. Replacing the green screen with an LED studio provides more flexibility and a more realistic and high-quality result, which can also be produced in real time. Hollywood productions like The Mandalorian are already being filmed using this technology. All content, as with other digital forms of expression, is controlled via Hyro. In this way, users can independently make their own film production without being dependent upon film crews.

‘We’re noticing a very strong demand from companies that want to accelerate and innovate even more digitally. Holland Capital is a tremendously valuable partner in our ambition to strengthen Hyro’s international market position and in realizing our international growth plans.’ Joost Rueck, Managing Director and Founder of Purple.

‘Purple’s dynamic team serves an attractive international customer base in a fast-growing market with its distinctive product. We’re delighted to be able to support Purple in its growth trajectory,’ says Ewout Prins, Managing Partner of Holland Capital.

About Purple
Purple is a digital creative agency and software company based in Amsterdam. It has developed Hyro storytelling software in order to tell their customers’ stories in an engaging and unique way. Founded in 2011, Purple has worked for major national and international clients including Honeywell, PepsiCo, SAP, Under Armour, and Microsoft. www.purple.nl

About Holland Capital
Over the past 40 years, Holland Capital has invested responsibly and successfully in over 140 Dutch SMEs. Supported by a clear investment strategy, it is active in the attractive growth markets of Healthcare and Technology. Its experienced and committed investment team aims to establish an open, sustainable, and professional relationship with the companies it invests in, united by the goal of achieving growth. Holland Capital is supported by a broad network of successful entrepreneurs in the relevant growth markets.