DutchSec bags millions in investment round to support their international growth ambition

DutchSec bags millions in investment round to support their international growth ambition

Amsterdam, 19th of February 2019 – DutchSec, a fast-growing and innovative player within the National Security and Cyber Security domain, received several millions as investment from Holland Capital and a number of prominent cybersecurity investors. Over the past two years, DutchSec has built and harden-tested a variety of highly innovative (cyber) security products. The capital round will enable DutchSec to support and realize their international growth ambitions.

Context-driven and real-time solutions for the security domain
So far, DutchSec has delivered a suite of intelligent (cyber)security products to banks and government institutions in the Netherlands. Although details cannot be shared, DutchSec has supported resolving a number of National Security Issues and some high-profile cybersecurity incidents.

DutchSec’s products help (cyber)security analysts to capture and merge data from various sources and streams in an extreme fast and automated manner. Smart algorithms and Artificial Intelligence support producing real-time context after using dynamic data classification. Faster and more efficient than existing solutions of tech unicorns in the (cyber)security market provide. DutchSec’s products are commonly used as an add-on or enabler to existing products of those tech unicorns, Simply as the processes happen in a much faster and more efficient way than existing products and solutions in the market can perform by itself.

Growth plans
DutchSec already has a lot of traction in the Dutch market while being approached by several potential international customers. On top, potential partnerships with technology giants are being explored.

Holland Capital and Mamadoo Ventures will provide hands-on support to DutchSec during the next growth phase as investors. Niels van Aalten, Partner Holland Capital, says: “We know the European cybersecurity market very well by heart and technology companies out there with cutting-edge technology like DutchSec are rare to find. We are certain that DutchSec can continue to focus on innovation and the commercialization of its products in the coming years because of our investment.”

Hans Snel of Mamadoo Ventures adds: “We are excited to support DutchSec in the commercialization of its product suite in the National Security- and Enterprise Cyber Security markets. Given our network in cybersecurity and our role as a shareholder at SecureLink, we are well positioned to provide added value.”

Remco Verhoef, one of the founders of DutchSec, is enthusiastic about the received investment: “We are very satisfied with the combination of Holland Capital and Mamadoo Ventures. This strategic partnership will provide support further professionalization in the commercial- and financial pillars of our plans. With the investment we will also be able to further develop and finetune our products to market needs. With our unique solutions, we will continue to strive for next-gen security technology to safeguard society.”

About DutchSec
DutchSec was founded in 2016 by Remco Verhoef and Bas Eikelenboom. Verhoef is an international thought leader in the area of (cyber)security and hacking. On top, he is well known as contributor and expert leader within the open source community and has successfully built up several businesses. Eikelenboom is a methodology expert in the field of big (and complex) data analytics. He is a visionary leader on (cyber)security innovation topics, bringing many years of experience within the (inter)national safety & security domain. DutchSec is an ‘equal opportunity’ company and offers people with a social disability the chance to use their talents within DutchSec.

About Holland Capital
Over the past 35 years, Holland Capital has invested in more than 130 Dutch SMEs in a responsible and successful manner. With a clear investment strategy, Holland Capital is active in the growth markets of both healthcare and technology. The experienced and involved investment team knows what true entrepreneurship is like. With the joint goal of achieving growth, Holland Capital strives for an open, sustainable and professional relationship with the management teams of the companies in which she invests. Holland Capital is supported by a broad network of successful healthcare and technology entrepreneurs. Holland Capital has extensive experience in the cybersecurity market. In 2018 she sold Qsight to KPN and currently she is building the leading security- and cloud service provider Avensus through a buy-and-build strategy.

About Mamadoo Ventures
Mamadoo Ventures is an investment vehicle of SecureLink’s entrepreneurs Hans Snel and Ruud Kroon. They are hands-on and down-to-earth investors who aim to support scale-up companies to accelerate growth. The starting point for them is to invest in companies combining services, solutions and contracts in their business model. Mamadoo Ventures always prefers minority share investments, allowing entrepreneurs maximum independence to run their operations. Mamadoo Ventures currently invests in several companies, including SecureLink Group, MrWork, and LoneRooftop.