Digital R&D simulation software platform RheoCube attracts funding of 2 million USD for international expansion

Digital R&D simulation software platform RheoCube attracts funding of 2 million USD for international expansion

Amsterdam, 17 February 2021 – Digital R&D simulation software platform RheoCube has attracted an investment of over 2 million USD. This funding round, which will drive RheoCube’s global expansion, was co-led by renowned investors Holland Capital and Join Capital.

Digitalization is a hot topic in R&D departments across the globe. Current R&D processes are time consuming largely due to trial-and-error in physical labs. Reducing that costly process empowers organizations to build smarter and faster R&D cycles while speeding up time to market. 

Simulation software
RheoCube is the only digital solution to offer a multi-scale approach to simulations and predictions for complex fluids by simulating lab experiments on supercomputers. RheoCube offers browser-based experimentation, is easy to use, and R&D researchers do not need simulation modeling experience. Furthermore, clients do not need to invest in heavy compute clusters as RheoCube offers integrated cloud computing.

Prominent companies such as Givaudan, Henkel and Colgate-Palmolive have already recognized these advantages and are using RheoCube to digitize their R&D processes.

Investment for growth
RheoCube has raised this funding from Holland Capital and Join Capital. The collaboration with both investors will help to drive the development and commercialization of RheoCube.

Jurjen van Rees, CCO/COO of EAL, comments: “This joint investment by two renowned investors reflects strong confidence in RheoCube as a unique, breakthrough product. It supports us in our mission to drive a major transformation in R&D: digitalization. RheoCube is changing the game for researchers and is set to become the standard Simulation-as-a-Service solution for R&D labs”. 

Niels van Aalten, Partner Holland Capital, says: “We are looking forward to working together with this talented team. RheoCube is truly a unique product, addressing a real need for R&D departments”.

Jan Borgstaedt, Managing Partner Join Capital, says: “We are thrilled to back RheoCube, whose team of leading scientific experts has convinced us that this is a company that can revolutionize R&D. We have already had the opportunity to introduce the team to global industrial companies and it quickly became apparent that the industry is waiting for a solution just like this.”

About RheoCube
RheoCube is a cloud-based complex fluids simulation platform, designed to offer a user-friendly alternative to the physical lab approach of trial-and-error, often used for prototyping new products and for applied material research. This simulation platform was created by VC-backed Electric Ant Lab (EAL) and their founder Dr. Eric Lorenz (a renowned expert in the field of computational physics). RheoCube’s clients are primarily chemistry-focused R&D scientists in large corporations in sectors such as food, coatings, homecare, personal care, and specialty chemicals.

About Holland Capital
Over the past 40 years, Holland Capital has invested responsibly and successfully in over 140 companies. With a clear investment strategy, it is active in the attractive growth markets of Healthcare and Technology. Holland Capital’s experienced and committed investment team aims to establish an open, sustainable, and professional relationship with the companies it invests in, with the shared goal of achieving growth. Holland Capital is supported by a broad network of successful entrepreneurs in the relevant growth markets. 

About Join Capital
Join Capital is a Berlin-based, early-stage VC firm investing in the European Neue Industry. With a combined experience of more than 50 years among the partners, Join focuses primarily on industrial and enterprise startups that are laying new foundations for our increasingly automated and connected world. Join’s extensive network and expertise make it a unique VC for the European industrial landscape.