Defibrion attracts investor to execute its buy-and-build strategy

Defibrion attracts investor to execute its buy-and-build strategy

Amsterdam, September 24th 2019 – Investment company Holland Capital invests in Defibrion, a fast-growing supplier of AEDs and other products and services related to in-house emergency services. With Holland Capital’s support, Defibrion will implement an active buy-and-build strategy to increase its market position in the fragmented West European market.

Defibrion, founded in 2008, is the expert in the field of AEDs and in-house emergency services. The company offers customers safety products, related services and advice. Defibrion is mainly active in the Netherlands, Belgium and France and has already delivered over 25,000 AEDs.

Growing importance of preventive care and safety measures due to ageing population
In an ageing society, the importance of preventive care and safety measures at work and in public spaces has increased significantly. In the Netherlands, 8,000 resuscitations per year are performed outside the hospital, before an ambulance has arrived. In more than 75% of these cases bystanders will resuscitate the victim. On average, the survival rate in case of a cardiac arrest is 23%, when using an AED this rate increases to 49%. Around 100,000 AEDs have been installed in the Netherlands, which amounts to 6 AEDs per 1,000 inhabitants.

In our neighboring countries, there is already an increased level of legislation on the use of preventive means such as AEDs. In France, a law has recently been passed requiring public locations with a capacity of more than 300 people to have an AED available.

Active buy-and-build strategy
The investment by Holland Capital enables the organization to broaden its product range, expand geographically and make acquisitions in both the Netherlands and Europe.

Joshua Valkenier, CEO of Defibrion, states: “We operate in a fragmented market. With a buy-and-build strategy we can accelerate the growth of our market share. On the one hand, we see opportunities to expand our existing activities internationally through acquisitions. In addition, we want to broaden our health and safety product and service portfolio through buy-and-build. Holland Capital is a very experienced partner that will help us roll out this strategy successfully.”

“We see excellent opportunities for Defibrion to support and unburden companies and institutions in implementing their preventive care and safety policy. We are impressed by the entrepreneurial culture at Defibrion and are happy to support the company with their upcoming international growth path,” says Ewout Prins, managing partner Holland Capital.