Avensus Group expands its cloud activities by acquiring Client ICT

Amsterdam, 17th of December 2018 – Avensus Group acquires IT services company Client ICT. Client ICT focuses on midcap organisations with projects and managed services. This fits seamlessly in the ambitious buy-and-build strategy that Avensus, with the support of investor Holland Venture, executes in the Security and Cloud services sector.

The Avensus Group supports her clients by taking away IT-complexity and by increasing security. Avensus is the market leader in High Grade Security in the Benelux. Avensus distinguishes herself with her Managed Cloud Services by expertise and customer focus. The activities of Client ICT will be added to this.

Cloud & Security current topics
Both the cloud- and security-transition force companies to focus on information security. “In every organisation, there are vulnerabilities not only in technology, but especially in human actions” says Abram Schermer, managing director of Avensus Group. “Cliënt ICT has proven to let information technology work well for her clients. With her Everwork® solutions, Client ICT makes the cloud user friendly. The expertise and services within the Avensus group strengthen the development of Client ICT.”
Lorenz Werts, managing director of Client ICT adds: “The cooperation with the Avensus Group gives Client ICT the opportunity to continue her strong growth on a firm foundation. In the past years, the demand for our cloud services has risen tremendously. Together with Avensus we can find new solutions that will help our clients further in the area of security for example.”

Growth by buy-and-build
“With the acquisition of Client ICT we fulfil our ambition to take a leading position in the Security & Cloud market. On top of that, Client ICT adds directly to the positive results of the Avensus Group.” Mentions Ed Trautig, managing director Avensus Group. “With this, we strengthen our organic growth and come closer to our ambition to grow to a revenue of €30 million this year.”
Investment company Holland Venture is (hands-on) involved and offers commercial and strategic support while executing the buy-and-build strategy. “We see that many specialized IT companies are facing organisational challenges because of the growing demand for services and the continuous necessity of innovation. We keep looking for client orientated IT undertakings that would like to join a bigger company.” says Hubert Verbeek, managing partner Holland Venture.

About Avensus
Avensus Group is a specialised service provider in Cloud and security. Within the group, different subsidiaries have a leading role in their own niche market. This approach delivers the strength of a big company together with the expertise and flexibility of a specialist. The Avensus Group will grow this year to a revenue of €30 million based on distinctive services for large and medium-sized organisations, with its goal to grow even more.

About Client ICT
Client ICT distinguishes by her mature IT services andstrong client focus. With her own Cloud solution by the name of Everwork®, Client ICT is distinctive and reliable to her clients. Client ICT has almost 40 employees in Weert and Veldhoven. The Interim Professionals branch of Client ICT Group continues independently with its activities under the name IT-Profile. These activities are offered from Veldhoven, whereas Client ICT offers her services from Weert.

About Holland Venture
Over the past 35 years, Holland Venture has invested in more than 130 Dutch SMEs in a responsible and successful manner. With a clear investment strategy, Holland Venture is active in the growth markets of both healthcare and technology. The experienced and involved investment team knows what entrepreneurship is like. With the joint goal of achieving growth, Holland Venture strives for an open, sustainable and professional relationship with the management teams of the companies in which she invests. Holland Venture is supported by a broad network of successful healthcare and technology entrepreneurs.