Avensus Group acquires ICT Vision and takes the first step with their buy-and-build strategy

Amsterdam, 22 February 2018 – Avensus Nederland, private equity firm Holland Venture, Abram Schermer and Ed Trautig strengthen their ties with the founding of Avensus Group, expanding the partnership they started in the end of 2016. The ambitious buy-and-build strategy has been put into practice with the acquisition of Managed Services provider ICT Vision. The chosen strategy is to grow Avensus Group to a dominant IT-player focused on Security Services & Cloud Technology with a revenue of approximately EUR 50 million.

The IT sector is prone to continuous and rapid changes, many companies go from on-premise to cloud facilities. IT moves from supporting- to core business processes, which could give rise to vulnerabilities in organisations. Data is the key asset of each enterprise and securing this is of the utmost importance. Avensus strengthens its customers by reducing IT complexity as well as increasing security. In the field of High Grade Security, Avensus is market leader in the Benelux and with its Managed Cloud Services, it distinguishes itself with its customer focus and expertise.

Recent Cloud & Security themes
The pillars of Avensus Group are Security and Cloud Solutions. With the founding of Avensus Group, there is more space to incorporate specialised entities such as ICT Vision which consequently increases the strength of Avensus. The two pillars include subjects such as cloud security, malware and data protection, cloud technology and transition. Therefore, the acquisition of Managed Services provided ICT Vision fits seamlessly with the offered services Avensus Group has in mind.

Growth by buy-and-build
Avensus Group intends to become a versatile IT-player with the acquisition of specialised subsidiaries all functioning in their own nice. This approach gives the strength of a large enterprise combined with the expertise and flexibility of an involved specialist. Avensus forms the platform and with the acquisition of ICT Vision, an important step has been taken with the further roll-out of the buy-and-build strategy.

“We have multiple companies on our radar which in the foreseeable future will a be a part of Avensus Group. Holland Venture is (hands-on) involved and will provide both commercial and strategic support with the roll-out of the buy-and-build strategy. Managing partner, experienced IT entrepreneur Abram Schermer, will be directly responsible for all Avensus Group’s commercial activities. I look forward to this collaboration in which we can realise our ambitions to create a market leader in Security & Cloud.”, according to Ed Trautig, Managing Director Avensus Group.

About Avensus
Avensus was initially founded in 2000 and for the last few years it focused on Healthcare, Government and Finance. With high-end services in Cloud and Services, the company has grown to a total revenue of more than EUR 15 million and approximately 100 employees with offices in Almere, Delft and Eindhoven.

About ICT Vision
ICT Vision is a Managed Services Provider for small- and medium sized enterprises. For these organisations it is essential to ensure the continuity of ICT. ICT Vision’s managed services make a major contribution to this continuity. We ensure that all information systems remain available. In a modern way, using the cloud and with a high customer satisfaction.

About Holland Venture
Over the past 35 years, Holland Venture has invested in more than 130 Dutch SMEs in a responsible and successful manner. With a clear investment strategy, Holland Venture is active in the growth markets of both healthcare and technology. The experienced and involved investment team knows what entrepreneurship is like. With the joint goal of achieving growth, Holland Venture strives for an open, sustainable and professional relationship with the management teams of the companies in which she invests. Holland Venture is supported by a broad network of successful healthcare and technology entrepreneurs.