AMP Groep joins forces with Delta Logistiek

AMP Groep joins forces with Delta Logistiek 

Houten, 10 January 2022 – Our participation AMP is taking the first step in its buy-and-build strategy with Delta Logistiek, enabled by Holland Capital. The joint entity can fully address its customers’ needs trough an extended range of  innovative services.

AMP, delivery and identification with extra care
AMP is fully dedicated to the safe delivery of valuable and fraud-prone products, where strict safety requirements, such as identification of the receiver, must be met.  For example, valuable products such as mobile telephones, (refrigerated) medicines, confidential documents and passports, can be transported safely and efficiently via the nationwide network. In addition to self-developed software optimizing customer experience and route planning,  the company uses the latest technology in the field of authenticity verification of identification, facial recognition and biometric signature.

Delta Logistiek, delivery of human and veterinary medicines to business customers, both at night and during the day

Delta Logistiek is the largest independent logistics B2B solution provider specialized in actively refrigerated delivery of pharmaceutical and veterinary products throughout the Netherlands. Delta Logistiek has real-time insight in location and temperature of the transported goods, trough its innovative, inhouse developed IT system. This enables the company to meet the highest quality standards.

Joining forces
Medical logistics (B2C and B2B) is a rapidly growing strategic market for AMP. By joining forces, the company is significantly expanding its position, creating new growth opportunities for the coming years.

Marco van der Klij, Managing Director of AMP Groep:  “The strong position of Delta Logistiek in B2B medical logistics is very complementary to our own B2C services. Our clients include medical wholesalers, who no longer only deliver their products to institutions and pharmacies, but also directly to patients. By offering both under one roof, we can completely unburden our clients by means of innovative logistics services. Consider, for example, the model in which the patient can indicate whether he / she wants to pick up his medication at the pharmacy or rather get it delivered at home”.

Erwin van Beek, Managing Director of Delta Logistiek: “The increasing growth of the medical logistics market requires an innovative package of services that allows us to address all customer needs.  Joining AMP is  going to help us achieve this.”

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