Holland Capital 40 years: enterprising and ambitious

40 years of Holland Capital: enterprising and ambitious

Amsterdam, September 30, 2021 – 40 years ago, private equity firm Holland Capital started preaching the “Gospel of private equity”. Currently, it operates with a distinct investment strategy, focusing on promising small- and medium-sized businesses within the Healthcare and Technology sectors. As a committed partner, it has successfully invested in more than 150 companies. Momentarily, it starts its 13th fund, next to opening an office in Germany. 

One of the first independent private equity firms in The Netherlands
At the time Holland Capital was founded in 1981, the market for private equity was still undeveloped. In the early years, the team appeared similar to a missionary bringing private equity to the attention of entrepreneurs. In the years that followed, successful investments were made, such as Infoproducts, Applicare en Analytico. As an investor, Holland Capital could have been seen as a generalist, investing in promising and growing companies active in various industries.

Healthcare and Technology
As time progressed, the number of private equity firms in The Netherlands increased. Based on its experience Holland Capital decided to further emphasize its distinctive character by focusing on the Healthcare and Technology sectors. The choice for these two sectors is related to the growth of both markets, the opportunities for entrepreneurs, and the personal interest of the partners. Holland Capital focuses on the SME market, offering both venture growth and buy-out financing.

Committed partner
In this day and age, Holland Capital lives up to its mission of “Creating economic and social value, together with entrepreneurs in technology and healthcare”. This approach is characterised as ambitious and enterprising, professional, and a truly committed partnership with entrepreneurs. Examples of successful companies Holland Capital has been involved with in recent years are Qsight, Esdec, Highcare, and Opdidakt.

Holland Capital keeps improving
Holland Capital recognises an abundance of growth opportunities for private equity firms in supporting entrepreneurship and expanding companies. In addition, more focus will be on cross-border investments. Therefore, an office will soon be opened in Germany. In 2020, a EUR 120 million buy-out fund was established, while later this year a new venture & growth fund will be launched. This will be the 13th fund since its beginning in 1981, bringing the total fund assets under management to well over EUR 270 million.

About Holland Capital
In the past 40 years, Holland Capital has successfully and responsibly invested in more than 150 Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises. With a clear investment strategy, it anticipates long-term trends in attractive growth markets, focusing on the Healthcare and Technology sectors. The experienced and committed investment team knows what entrepreneurship is all about. They strive to build open, long-term, and professional relationships with entrepreneurs and the managers of the companies in which Holland Capital invests, aiming to jointly achieve growth and development of a successful business. Holland Capital is supported by a broad network of successful entrepreneurs in Healthcare and Technology.