An IT system is the beating heart of companies, organizations and governments. Reliability is a condition. Acceptance and ease of use too. Valori assesses systems for risks and weakening errors. We want to get more out of people and systems to make innovations a success. Enabling organizations and people to innovate and optimize and thereby take a step forward on the road to new successes. We are doing this since 1989 by providing state-of-the-art solutions in the field of Quality Assurance & Testing with a group of driven experts.

“Our customer base is expanding as well as the demand for integrated solutions. Even across the border people are recognizing that we possess over unique knowledge and expertise of specific software platforms. For this reason, Valori was able to seize some amazing opportunities together with its much appreciated financial partner. Holland Capital is an extremely valuable partner, who helps us to strengthen our strategic position in the field, to develop our product- and service portfolio, and to continue investing in talent and innovation”.

Jaap Merkus

CEO, Valori




Quality Assurance & Testing


Investment period:

July 2019


Transaction type:

Growth Capital