Sigmascreening, a medical device company focusing on the development of new innovative products in the area of digital mammography and breast cancer screening. Sigmascreening is established as a spin-off company from the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC. 

Sigmascreening has several products under development. The Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle is our new CE-certified product, based on our patented technology. It optimizes compression for every single breast and takes breast sizes and stiffness into account, preventing unnecessary discomfort or pain. The pressure indicator helps both technician and patient resulting in an improved workflow. A highly reproducible procedure with a same physical experience, year after year.

We aim to introduce new products that will improve mammography and contribute to the early detection of cancer which ultimately can saves lives

“Holland Capital is a very professional investor and has been involved in Sigma screening since 2014”.

Ivo Aarninkhof

CEO, Sigmascreening




Medical applications in the field of breast cancer screening.


Investment period:

February 2014


Transaction type:

Growth Capital