Prolira’s DeltaScan helps to quickly detect and monitor delirium.

Delirium is a common complication, especially in the elderly who are admitted to hospital. It is acute failure of the brain, with a physical cause.

The longer the delirium lasts, the worse for the patients. Delirium increases the risk of death and long-term cognitive damage (dementia), and leads to slower recovery. Patients are in hospital for days longer. It gives a lot of personal suffering and it leads to higher healthcare costs. Care providers have the task of tracing delirium, so far this has been done with questionnaires. That does not work well, in practice 50-70% of the cases are missed.

EEG research shows that the brain activity of people with delirium clearly deviates from healthy brain activity. With DeltaScan, EEG can now be measured quickly and easily and analyzed by an algorithm. In this way, delirium can be found and tracked objectively, quickly and efficiently. This is better for patients and healthcare providers and leads to lower costs.

“This A-series investment from Holland Capital enables us to introduce the DeltaScan Monitor to hospitals and set up a marketing and sales team.”

Rutger van Merkerk

CEO, Prolira




Quick detection of delirium.


Investment period:

September 2016


Transaction type:

Growth Capital