As a multi-specialist, Avensus is the partner for its clients in the field of cloud and security. We have built up in-depth expertise in various fields and use our knowledge in collaboration with the customer to create effective, safe and reliable solutions. In this way we are a distinctive company that helps its customers to be successful.

Avensus always focuses on the combination of security and privacy in both projects and specific services. They are the most important factors to implement into business processes and the attitude and behavior of end users.

Create ease of work by eliminating IT complexity!

Avensus combines 5 work areas to remove as much IT complexity as possible from customers and to offer end users work convenience:

  • Transition: complete IT projects for medium-sized organizations.
  • Managed Cloud: optimum performance, reliability and satisfied end users.
  • Managed Security: professional glasses for the IT security of the organization.
  • High Grade Security: the highest attainable for data protection.
  • Control: specific attention to the quality and safety of IT processes.

 “The reality of IT is that growth is created by optimizing processes between people and technology”

Abram Schermer

CEO, Avensus




Multi-specialist in the field of cloud & security.


Investment period:

November 2016


Transaction type:

Growth Capital