Consumers are individuals and perspective shifts. They get easily overwhelmed with information, which leads to frustration and short attention spans. Marketeers are challenged to do better, to prove their Brand and product is relevant. 

How to create relevance? Tailor and personalize consumer touchpoints, ensuring contextual relevance and consistent messaging onsite and in offsite advertisements. Marketeers are dipping their toes into personalization in the advertising space, but currently lack tools to align the messaging on consumer sites, where the most commercial potential lies.

Autheos is a video AI platform actively optimizing Brand video strategy towards business KPIs. Autheos applies machine learning (predictive) and rules based models to determine where the user lies in their consumer journey and which video is most

“The market for the distribution of brand and product videos is traditionally controlled by Content Distribution Platforms. However, these platforms are expensive, complex and require a lot of implementation and integration time. Autheos has automated this process and offers its customers a simple solution to manage all brand and product videos via one platform.”

Christina Calje

CEO and co-founder, Autheos




Video syndication for e-commerce platforms and brands.


Investment period:

May 2016


Transaction type:

Growth Capital