Founded in 2013, with extensive medical experience, Ventinova Medical is a company that develops and markets innovative products for airway management and patient ventilation. We believe in creating a new ventilation concept through revolutionary products. Products that are more than just upgrades of current standard practice.

With our knowledge and access to state-of-the-art technology we are able to develop ideas and solutions that surprise the medical field. The philosophy behind all our products is active expiration or expiration by suction.

Ventinova Medical develops and markets innovative products for patient ventilation and airway management since 2008. We have introduced FCV®, a redefining ventilation concept.  FCV® controls both the expiration and the inspiration phase during artificial ventilation.

The products that are currently on the market are:

  • mechanical ventilator, Evone® ;
  • manual ventilator, Ventrain® ;
  • the ultrathin tube, Tritube® and the
  • 2 mm transtracheal catheter, Cricath® .

“Redefining patient ventilation, that’s what Ventinova stands for. Ventinova has a unique portfolio of solutions that include Evone, Ventrain, Cricath and Tritube. The investment of Holland Capital both enabled us to introduce Evone to hospitals internationally and create awareness for our revolutionary technology which ensures enhanced patient ventilation with minimal impact and maximal gas flow control. Through the partnership with Holland Capital, we have gained extensive experience about growing our innovative healthcare company.”

Dirk van Asseldonk

CEO/Founder, Ventinova




Development of innovative products for patient ventilation and airway management.


Investment period

August 2013


Transaction type:

Growth Capital