USoft as the low-code platform for building business-critical applications.

USoft focuses on low-code software development based on business rules, with a focus on business-critical back-end environments, characterized by knowledge-intensive and transactional systems. We believe in the importance of laying a firm foundation first, from which to subsequently further develop. As such, USoft ensures that back-end systems are stable, easy to maintain and scalable. All kinds of low-code front-end applications can then be built on this strong foundation. Whether it is about rebuilding or constructing new core systems, customers can start using the low-code platform themselves or outsource the entire process to USoft.

“The first wave of low code is primarily focused on apps for end users. But it seems that more and more, there are increasingly complex IT issues behind these apps. In the second wave of low code, which we’re working in now, we can carry the benefits of low code through to the underlying, more complex business-critical layer. For clients seeking to develop complex systems the easy way, USoft is the ideal partner. And in Holland Capital, we’ve found our ideal partner, who can on the one hand help us make clear strategic choices and on the other can support us in the rollout of our intended buy-and-build strategy. That’s how we’ll be continuing to enhance our technology and services so we can support our clients from start to finish.”

Hans Canisius

CEO, USoft




Low-code software development


Investment period:

February 2020


Transaction type:

MBO & Growth Capital