MedAngel: a smart thermometer for medication

The way you store and transport your medication is crucial to keep their effectiveness. If they are exposed to excessive heat or cold they may lose their potency. MedAngel developed a smart and reliable thermometer that helps patients easily store their temperature-sensitive medication. The product consists of a sensor that is placed with the medication. This sensor is linked to an app (on e.g. a smartphone) in which the temperature can be monitored in real time. Every time the temperature approaches or exceeds the safe levels, you get intuitive alerts and notifications. In this way, patients no longer have to doubt the effectiveness of their medication.

“MedAngel reduces a lot of doubt and uncertainty about the effectiveness of the medication and enables patients to control their lives. Holland Capital has extensive experience in growing companies in the health and technology sector. For us, this investment is a critical step to commercial success in Europe and the US. “

Amin Zayani

Founder and CEO, MedAngel




Digital Health


Investment period:

July 2018


Transaction type:

Growth Capital