To improve the quality of healthcare and keep healthcare expenditures in check, entrepreneurship and innovation are of utmost importance. Holland Capital invests in innovative healthcare entrepreneurs who can realise a sustainable impact in healthcare.

In 2017, Dutch care and welfare expenses exceeded € 97,5 billion (incl. children’s day-care), which is 13,3% of GDP. This is € 2,0 billion (2,1%) more than in 2016. With such volumes, the care and welfare sector is one of the largest economic sectors in the Netherlands.

Total healthcare expenditures have doubled over the past 10 years, and according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), healthcare expenditures will reach € 174 billion by 2040. The most important drivers of this growth are 1) increased medical possibilities through the application of new technologies, 2) an ageing population, 3) an increased life expectancy, and 4) higher prevalence of chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Government policies revolve around limiting the further growth of healthcare expenditure and improving the quality of care. Entrepreneurship and innovation can play key roles in realizing this. Holland Capital invests in innovative healthcare entrepreneurs who aim to bring about a sustainable impact in healthcare; go-getters who possess the right amount of knowledge in care processes and the power to implement. We focus on providers of healthcare services, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health.


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