Highcare is a temporary employment and secondment agency in the healthcare and safety domain. We match highly qualified professionals with clients in various industries. We have been doing this for more than twenty years. The previously separate components AmbuCare-EMC, Highcare Management and Highcare Medical Specialists now form one agency: Highcare. Highcare and the Highcare Academy are our answer to the demand for flexible, expert care. Both among professionals and clients.

“In recent years, Holland Capital helped us making strategic choices, roll out a successful buy-and-build strategy, professionalize financial processes, focus on a clear positioning and integrate several acquisitions. This has made us the market leader in the deployment and secondment of healthcare professionals. Being involved as a shareholder for ten years may be exceptional in private equity. Even in difficult times, Holland Capital has always had a clear vision about the company’s growth plan, which has recently resulted in a successful sale to Bencis. We are proud of it.”

Ralph Smeets

CEO, Highcare




Employment and secondment agency


Investment period:

January 2010 till january 2020.


Transaction type:

Growth Capital